Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Fun 2014

Sorry this post is so late. I think I was so Egg Hunted out (If that's even a thing) I didn't eve want to think about it again. I photographed and watched no less than 10 Easter egg hunts this year. Don't worry, I'm only going to share the highlights. ;)

 We started the week off with Egg hunts at Bubee and Little Lady's school. 

Bubee enjoying his food.
Little Lady's first egg hunt on her own.
 Little Lady and her teacher, Ms. Courtney
 Little Lady enjoying her class treat: Marshmallows!!

 Saturday we visited my Grandfather's farm in TN. Little Lady seamed to prefer to WEAR her basket. 

Little Lady and Cousin R. hunting.

 The weather was perfect for kite flying. So Bubee got to try his hand at it for the first time.

He's a Natural!!

 Easter Sunday was spent and Grandma and Grandpa's. All the grandkids got to enjoy the hunt.

 Bubee found the one on TOP of the van, but then he couldn't figure out how to get down.

Cousin G. spotted the one in the tree, but couldn't quite reach.

It was a lot of fun and I LOVED getting to spend time with all our family. What did your family do for Easter?
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