Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gluten Free White Trash

Every year my MIL makes an amazing White Trash snack mix (BTW, If you don't like the name, I'm sorry. I didn't name it. Just Google it and you will see there are tons of variations to this all by the same name) I don't like to use a lot of expensive "Gluten Free" products, so I tweaked the recipe to use ingredients that are naturally Gluten Free. The only specialty item I had to buy was the pretzels and you could skip them if you wanted.

3 1/2 Cups Kix cereal
3 Cups Rice Chex cereal
3 Cups Corn Chex cereal
16 oz Plain M&Ms
2 1/2 Cups Salted Peanuts
2 Cups GF Pretzels
22 oz White Chocolate Chips (Most of these are GF, but just double check the ingredients)

1. Put all ingredients (minus the white chocolate) in a large bowl.

2. Melt white chocolate in microwave or double boiler. NOTE: If microwaving do so SLOWLY so as not to burn the chocolate. I suggest 15-30 sec at a time.

3. Add the melted white chocolate to the bowl.

4. Stir untill it's all well coated and you have a chunky mess.

5. Spread out on parchment paper and allow to dry/harden.

6. Break into bits and enjoy!!

As you can see, Rosey Posey could hardly wait to dig in! This is a great recipe to make for New Years or other parties. This gives your guests a Gluten Free option without breaking your budget. 

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Fun!

It's almost time to change my site over to Winter. But first, a quick wrap up of our Christmas:

 Little Lady had a blast ripping up all the papers. Ironically she was also the one who picked up the most paper to throw away. 

 Bubee loved his gifts, but was most excited by the bubble wrap he found in one of his packages... Go figure!

 Rosey Posey was praying hard for something...
I guess she got it, because she was quite happy with this book.

Papaw did an amazing job and surprised Meme with some jewelry. You go Papaw!!
After opening the gifts, it's a family tradition to go to breakfast at iHop with my family. 

As you can see, some folks would rather take a nap. (Probably stayed up too late)

 After breakfast it's off to the in-laws for dinner and more gifts.
 Rosey Posey got some amazing mustache items.
 My nephew, G-man, had fun wearing these hilarious glasses with a strange gofer nose.

 As with every year we wrap up the night paying Balderdash...
and laughing pretty hard!

I got to open my swap from my partner Amanda over at funkyfrugalmommy.com. Rosey Posey loves the 'arm gloves' as she calls them, and hair accessories. Bubee of course was thrilled to see food treats. Little Lady will get at least 2 years use out of the cute Santa slippers, and I'm THRILLED to get to add to my key chain collection! Thanks Amanda for 12 days of Christmas fun!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why is Santa always given cookies and milk?

Most of the children in the world know that a very important thing to do before Christmas is setting up Santa’s dinner, which usually consists of milk and cookies. Have you ever wondered how this custom was born?

Just like the existence of the Christmas tree, the idea of giving Santa milk and cookies, so that he will catch his breath and gain a little more powers for spreading presents in the Christmas Eve is quite old.

All this started in Germany, 400 years ago. Every year, when the time of season came, people would place a big pine tree in every city where families would put food for the little kids. The food ranged, but was not limited to apples, oranges, cakes and pretzels. On the 25th of December, they were all taken out of the pine tree and given to children in the city, along with a cup of milk.

As 4 centuries passed, the tradition has also changed a bit. The tree which used to be placed in the centre of cities started being put inside the house of every family, as a welcome to the holidays. The reason must have been related to hygiene, due to the fact that the food would be eaten by other animals or that it would spoil quite fast. As this change happened, parents thought of a new way to explain why they had to make the change. Children were told that on the Christmas night, Santa came in their homes in order to take a bite. After some time, when sweets stopped being placed in the Christmas tree, they would be put on a table nearby or under the tree along with the presents. Because of the fact that families wanted their children to believe, but also wanted Santa to have a good meal, they started placing a cup of milk together with the cookies.

There are also other stories which explain all about Santa’s cookies and milk. For example, in a few Scandinavian countries, people say that the cookies and milk are left out for the small elf which helps Santa out. He goes by the name of Julenisse and is thought to be in charge of many important aspects in regards to Santa’s gift spreading. In Island, the tradition says that on the 25th December each year, somebody in the household should leave bread and milk on the doorstep, as a symbol of hospitality.

Regardless of where the tradition came from, the little ones from all the continents know that Santa Claus needs a good meal, which should always be accompanied by a cup of milk. This is sure to help Santa bring gifts to all the children in the world.

With age, all of us may need to wear glasses. Santa is no exception, so if you would like to send a loved one a pair of glasses, you can check out: AllBrandsGlasses.com for anything you may like.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Christmas Song Ever By Robert Dennard

As we get closer to Christmas I am spending more and more time with the family and less time here. (Sorry, I'll be back soon). So today I wanted to treat you with a very special Christmas Song written by a close family friend: Pastor Robert Dennard. If you like the video feel free to share it ;)

Warning: This song WILL get stuck in your head!

Fa la la la la la la CHRISTMAS!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Favorite Things Saturdays 12/21

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    Friday, December 20, 2013

    Guest and Giveaway: Pre and Post Christmas Traditions

    The following is a guest post from Suzanne at And My House
    I don’t know what it is about this particular time of year, but I’m always giddy with excitement throughout the entire month.

    I think it starts with the Christmas music, which reminds me of happy Christmases growing up. So when the lights are twinkling outside, the tree is trimmed and I’ve been baking (and eating) Christmas cookies, there always seems to be this feeling in the air like “everything is alright.” Like there might actually be peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

    That always makes me happy, when there is a certain amount of peace amongst the chaotic goings on of this very merry, yet busy season. Also, because we live in Wisconsin, the snow that falls every year certainly helps make everything feel Christmas-y.

     As for our family traditions, I mentioned before that Christmas music is to be streaming continuously from December 1st until December 25th . We also watch the movie “Elf” and laugh at the same parts every year!

    When the kids were younger, we built gingerbread houses and baked cookies. After awhile we ditched the gingerbread house, but we still bake cookies. Now we usually host a cookie decorating party at our house. I bake them, but I’ve given up the reign of frosting them, I now let the girls do what they want (and secretly give thanks that they still like to sit in the kitchen with mom to do this!)

    Because we live on a lake, our newest tradition is shoveling the snow off the ice for our very own skating rink.

    After gathering all my purchases for Christmas, I take a day, to plant myself near our Christmas tree and wrap presents while watching a few hours of Christmas movies on television. (Thank you Hallmark channel!)

    And even though there have been years where my budget is smaller than what my heart wants to give, I try to send a little something to my BFF who is a single mom with three children. Whether it’s just a card, some Christmas stickers or a handmade item, it’s important that my friend know that she is loved across the miles.

    As for post Christmas, this year I’m trying to be creative and come up with something to do, because after Christmas is like postpartum for me, when the music has stopped playing and all of a sudden that sparkling white snow is no longer magical, but just cold.

     I’ve decided on possibly two things; cleaning our closets and donating all the stuff we don’t use anymore (which certainly meshes with the starting anew and New Year theme,) and/or having a girlfriend post Christmas coffee get together, because without a reason, we women have a tendency to put our spouses, children, work and house cleaning duties before time with the sisterhood.

    One Christmas tradition I’d like to give up though, is shopping at the last minute, but it seems every year, there is always “one more thing” I need to buy.
    With that said, I’m giving away a $10 Target gift card for your last minute shopping needs. Whether it’s for a stocking stuffer or a little something for yourself, I hope your Christmas this year will be especially merry and bright!

    Suzanne is a mom with three kids. She's also a freelance graphic designer. She currently does editorial layout for six monthly magazines throughout the United States and consults small retail businesses on marketing, online presence and social media. When she's not working, she's creating food to go with her husband's hobby of craft beer brewing, cleaning up after their dog Juno, a 135 lb. English Mastiff and renovating their lake house, one room at a time. Check out her blog at andmyhouse.blogspot.com

    To help with your last minute shopping I am pleased to announce Suzanne is offering a $10 Target Gift Card!! Contest ends next Thursday.

    Thursday, December 19, 2013

    Candy Cane Mice

    My grandmother's Christmas tree always had a group of candy cane mice hanging from some of the branches. After Christmas dinner each of the grand kids got to pick a mouse and enjoy the sweat treat. These little guys are great for goodies, gifts, or even just to add a little to your decor.

    (You can use red and green like I did, or brown for 
    a more natural looking mouse. I've even seen a blue one. )
    Candy Cane
    2 Googly Eyes
    Black marker
    (Print the pattern out at original size or as a 5X7)

    1. Trace the patterns onto the felt with chalk.

    2. Cut all the pieces out. Don't forget the 4 lines in the body area.

    3. Fold the ears in half long ways and thread through the ear holes. 

    4. Glue on googly eyes.

    5. Use the black marker to add a nose.

    6. Thread a candy cane through the tail hole and ears: See picture above.

    6. Attach to gifts, hang on the tree, or use to decorate your goody table.

    I cut a lot of the felt shapes out at once, then let the kids assemble them. Bubee is great at making these guys, I just have to watch him closely to make sure he doesn't eat too many candy canes.

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