Monday, July 28, 2014

Local Flavor... Yes Please!!

Last week I shared our trip to the Farmer's Market. I LOVE local produce and treats. So I am very excited for the next Chaotic Goddess swap: Local Flavor. There's still a little time to sign up if you'd like to join us!! I can't wait to get to know another region, swap-style!! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inspiration for a Garden Party Wedding

Last weekend we got the joy of seeing one of Chris's younger brothers tie the knot. The whole family helped the bride a groom make their day amazing. I am so excited that they are letting me share some inspirations from their Garden Party wedding! 
The wedding was held in a beautiful garden in Gainesville, FL. So the decorations fit perfectly.

 Upon arrival, guests were directed to the front table. (Center Piece by Vanneza Rivera)

Where they could pick up one of their take home favors: a packet of seeds

Displayed so nicely in this rectangular planter

Instead of a guestbook, the bride and groom had a tree for the guests to place their finger prints on. (Painting by: SweetSweetLoves)

As you can see: since it's on canvas you have no worries of anyone getting your identity, but it did look amazing once the tree was full of "Leaves"

Since it was the middle of July, outside, in Florida, the programs were fans. This was SUCH a life saver!! (Programs by Coco Bassey;

The front showed the bridal party, ceremony order of events, and the following events (Cocktail hour, Dinner, and Dancing)

The back had info about the garden, their hashtag (Which by the way I suggest every couple pick a hashtag for their wedding as it made sharing photos SO much easier) and about the favors: we had a mason jar etched with the bride and groom's names and wedding date that we were to use for a drinking glass that night, then take home with us.

 I just loved the last 2 lines about the garden: "Be sure to come in before dark. This is gator country."

The actual ceremony took place under the 'Wedding Tree' and was absolutely beautiful. The bride and groom opted for a unity tree instead of a unity candle. Each set of parents put dirt into the pot at the beginning and then during the ceremony the bride and groom watered the tree.

Instead of a pillow, the ring barer carried the rings tied to these flowers on a cut of wood.

Since the garden was very big, there were signs such as this one all over to help direct the guests.

Dinner was served on the porch. The fans made it very comfortable.

The center pieces were simple flower arrangements in mason jars with a candle on a cut of wood.

The dance hall was beautifully decorated: One of the walls displayed this beautiful arrangement of mason jar lids on twine that had 1 Cor 13 on it.

 Each letter was painted on using a stencil.

And then holes punched into the sides to thread the twin through. We used command strip hooks to hold it up with out damaging the walls.

 The other wall had this display made up of lace curtains for photos.

 With the props and hashtag near by.

Lots of fun!!

When it was time to see the bride and groom off, we all tossed flower petals instead of rice! 

It was an amazing wedding!!

*All of the above ideas were by the Bride and Groom (Felicia and Sam) and executed by them and/or family unless otherwise noted. Thank you to everyone who made their day special!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

We Survived ANOTHER Wedding!!

This past weekend was a major mix of emotions. We left all 3 kids with Meme and drove 6+ hours south to Gainsville, Fl to celebrate my brother-in-law's marriage to his new bride. Quick background: God blessed us greatly by GIVING us a free '05 Saturn Vue last fall. Only thing was it's a manual. I learned how to drive it and Chris never really did. We decided that the best thing for our budget was to take the Vue and carpool with one of Chris's other brothers. So, that being said I drove the whole time we were gone.

We arrived safely on Thursday evening and even survived Chris wearing this hat only 1.4 miles from the University of Florida.

Friday, all the "Kid-less" Sisters, Aunts, and I (Yeay, I was kid-less for the weekend) helped set up the rehearsal dinner while everyone else was at the rehearsal.

My MIL made this AMAZING display for at the dinner. It captured the whole garden theme perfectly. 

 We even survived G-man's new love for silverware :P

Saturday I learned I could tie bow ties REALLY well!

So well, that everyone is asking me to make a how to video. LOL If I do I'll be sure to share it here soon ;)

The rain was kind enough to hold off during the ceremony. It was CRAZY hot and humid, but we survived.

I am so glad they had such a wonderful wedding, but I'm  also so happy to be home! LOL. I think we only have 1 more wedding and 2 birthdays left this summer. PRAISE GOD!!! :D

For a little bit of fun... G-man's dancing:

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