Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break 2014 - Camping

This past week was my kiddo's spring break. Usually we do not go away for spring break: I don't care for he peek travel times. However, this year a friend of ours invited us to go camping. So we packed up the camper and went to a lake about 30 min north of our home. Not too far, but just enough to 'get away from it all'!  This post will be mostly our personal pictures, but latter on this week I am going to share some our favorite camping hacks and secrets. ;)

Bubee helped Meme get the camper set up. Needless to say he only lasted one or two cranks.

We did a LOT of fishing!

Little Lady LOVED her new freedom

 Bubee hung out with a friend of ours, Gabby, down by the water. They had a large rock collection by the time we left.

How to bathe a baby at camp!

Of course there were s'mores.

Even Little Lady got to enjoy some.

Even though the water was about 55 degrees, I let some of the girls get in. Bubee and Little Lady decided to stay on shore where it was 85 degrees.

Meet Mr. Rip Alfred. Yes, he's a dead fish. The girls named him after he 'bumped' into Rosey Posey in the water.

After swimming the girls hung out in the hammocks...

while Little Lady, Bubee and I napped in the camper.

Our view of the lake was AMAZING!!

The overall view was beautiful! (Can you see the deer starring down Bubee?)

All in all it was a nice week. What are your plans or did you do for spring break this year?


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