Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Busy Fall Week

I think the weather in Metro-ATL has finally changed. Praise God we had a new furnace installed last week as the temperature is suppose to get down into the 40s and 30s. It's feeling more like fall!

Part of fall each year is enjoying a hay ride. Bubee got to show off a little a pose in the tractor.

Little lady got to pick her own pumpkin with her class... Did you know it's impossible to get 10 2-year-olds to stand still and look at the same place? LOL Oh well.

Tuesday Chris and I got to take Little Lady to the Vetren's Day parade. (Tuesday is the only day of the week that Rosey Posey and Bubee have classes, so Little Lady got to enjoy some mommy and daddy time!)

This little guy riding shotgun was one of my favorite parts.

This float shows what it's all about! "Freedom is NOT Free"! I personally thank all Vets who have served!

Little Lady didn't care too much for the loud drums, but I think she enjoyed most of the rest of the parade.

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