Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sidewalk Chalk Rockets

These chalk rockets will put a whole new spin on one of summer's favorite activities. Simple to make and fun for all ages, the chalk art left behind after you launch these rockets will be perfect!

Sidewalk Chalk Rockets
Chalk Rockets
I've seen chalk rockets a couple different places on Pinterest and knew this was a must do this summer! There's a lot of science behind these that is a great lesson for older kids or just lots of fun for the younger ones to watch.



Mix is up


1. Put a HEAPING tsp of cornstarch in each canister. This doesn't have to be measured exactly, but should fill approximately 1/4 of each canister.  Add ~6 drops of food coloring.

2. Add water till the canister is 3/4 full.

3. Replace the lid and shake till well mixed. Some of the canister will leak a little, so shake them outside or over a sink.

Lots of colors
Lots of colors
Mix a variety of shades and colors. The more colors, the cooler your finished art piece will be.

Broken Tablets
4. Break you effervescent tablets in half.

Sidewalk Chalk Rockets
Rosey Posey setting off a Chalk Rocket
5. Head outside, add one piece of effervescent tablet to your canister, replace the lid tightly. Set the canister lid down and step back!!

Small "Pop"
Some of the chalk rockets will just pop...

Big Purple Rocket
Others will shot up in the air!  I think our highest one went about 4 feet into the air.

Sidewalk Chalk Rockets
Lots of fun!!

The kids had a blast!

Pretty Art
The art was really neat...

Meme hosing Bubee and Little Lady off.
And even clean up was fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some food colors will stain, so be sure to wear clothes you don't mind staining and use on a surface you don't mind staining.

These chalk rockets are so much fun! Other than the canisters, this is a project that you should already have most everything. The nice thing is the canisters they are reusable, so once you purchase them this is a fairly inexpensive activity to do over and over again!!

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Sidewalk Chalk Rockets

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