Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Fun Update

Okay, so I really wanted to name this post "Why I hate Xfinity!". I'm sure you've noticed I've been MIA... Well Xfinity decided to do some work and messed up our internet, took them 4 days to fix it on an 'emergency service order'. Needless to say I've been playing catch up and haven't gotten to post awesome fun stuff for you. However no fret: I'm back and I'm so ready to enjoy the rest of the fall season and getting ready for some Holiday fun!!!

On to the update:

WOW! Can you believe fall is almost over... I think this has been one of the quickest, fly by, seasons I've had lately. Anyone else feeling that way?

So what are we into?
 To start with, both of the older kids advanced in Choi Kwang Do.

 Bubee is now a White Sr. and Rosey Posey is an Orange belt.

 Little Lady is still loving school! (And looking cute I might add)

I had a little fun this fall too. No they aren't perfect, but I like 'em ;)

 I can't believe we had enough time to stop by the pumpkin patch...

But fortunately we did!!

All 3 kiddos enjoyed picking their own pumpkins.

For the fall festival this year Rosey Posey dressed up as an elven warrior... Can you believe I didn't spend a penny for this specific ensemble? Everything you see here is things we've had. Even the Elf ears thanks to Santa. 

Rosey Posey's scorpion molted (yep, ewwwwww)

and Rosey Posey opened her own Etsy shop!!! Not much there yet, but I'm so proud of my little entrepreneur!!

And of course I've added lots of Thanksgiving goodies to MY Etsy shop!

What are you and your family doing as the fall season wraps up?
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