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5 Unexpected Color Palettes for Unique Holiday Decor

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As Christmas colors go, red and green are a classic combination—they've always looked great together, and they always will. Sticking with these traditional shades may make holiday decorating easier for you, but what about when you want to get creative with your Christmas color scheme?
If you want to bring a fresh look to your holiday décor, consider experimenting with a whole new set of color combinations. Trying out new hues can make your Christmas décor more interesting while still staying true to your unique style. Here are five of our favorite unexpected color schemes.

Warm Up with Rose and Rust

It may be freezing outside, but your home can be a cozy refuge with the glow of rusty, rosy decorations. Dusky shades of pink and deep metallics — think bronze, copper, and burnished gold — pair beautifully together, suggesting the warmth of a flickering fire. Incorporate the colors in your ornaments, candles, and accent pieces. Natural objects like pinecones and cinnamon sticks provide a nice, rustic contrast to these shades.

Give Green Its Moment to Shine

Because so many people have green Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands throughout the house, they may not think to incorporate the shade in their other décor. However, the monochromatic look can have a surprisingly big impact. To avoid one-dimensional décor, embrace the full spectrum of greens, from celadon and lime to rich hunter green, as well as various finishes.

Ice It Up with Blue and White

White and blue are both cool colors that call to mind the feeling of a white Christmas, whether you've got a foot of snow outside or you live in Arizona. White brings a fresh, clean look to your décor, while various shades of blue — from light Tiffany blue to deep navy — offer depth and visual interest. For added sparkle, bring in some silver accents to complete the look.

Go Girly with Shades of Pink

Pink is more often associated with Valentine's Day than Christmas, but the color can give a vintage, Victorian look to your design. The trick is to find the right shades of pink that will go with your tree. Avoid overly pastel tones and reach for richer shades for a more elegant appearance. Magenta and raspberry ornaments work well with both green and white trees. Experiment with different finishes such as matte, metallic, and glitter to create a more interesting, textured look.

Go Au Naturale with Brown

Channel the tree in its natural setting by reaching for organic-looking ornaments. Items like nuts, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and even artfully arranged branches can give a timeless touch to your décor, whether on the tree or around the house. Best of all, these materials are often quite affordable and easy to find, meaning they're perfect for making DIY ornaments.
Are you a red and green fanatic or do you like to experiment with other colors? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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