Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20 Ways to Upcycle a Crib

Another Popular post from my Consignment Sale Queen Blog: 

Consignment sales are a great place to not only find great deals for your kid's clothes and toys, but also a great place to find items for upcycleing and craft projects. For those of you who don't know upcycle is defined by the urban dictionary as "1.Using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary 2.The process of converting an industrial nutrient (material) into something of similar or greater value in its second life." I plan to give you several ideas for some of the most popular consignment sale items. This week, many have been recalled and need a new home:


10.Mini Day Swing /// 11. Dog Bed /// 12. Reading Nook /// 13. Bench  

14. Art Desk /// 15. Magazine Rack /// 16. Bird Coop /// 17 and 18. Drying Rack /// 19. Shelves

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