Thursday, September 3, 2015

Choosing the Right Bag for Back To School

Can someone PLEASE tell me what happened to summer? I can hardly believe it's time to head back to school. Ah the crazy rush to find the latest fashions. Wading through the local retailers Back to School section to find just the right notebooks, pencils, and pens. It's enough to drive you crazy. One of the most important Back to School purchases? The School Bag!!! Without a great school bag the youngsters will never get all their new gear to school.

Rosie Posey was in desperate need of a new bag this year and we learned a lot about what to look for when picking your new bag for school:

1. Comfort
I can't believe how heavy Bubee's supplies are this year. Did you know on average, 6th graders carry backpacks weighting 18.4 pounds, although some carry backpacks weighting as much as 30 pounds. If it's going to be a heavy load, consider getting a bag with padded straps like this Quiksilver Schoolie Laptop Backpack.

2. Storage
Personally when I'm picking out a bag (Whether it's for me, or the kids) I love to have lots of storage to put pens, paper and other supplies. The more pockets the better! While Rosey Posey and I were bag hunting I totally fell in love with this Billabong Raider Backpack. It has military pocket styling so there's a place for everything and everthing in it's place.
3. Personality
Rosey Posey is my fashionista, but Little Lady loves her fun. It's nice to get a bag the kids ENJOY carrying. Little Lady fell in love with this Melissa & Doug Kids' Bag. Since she's only going to pre-school, she doesn't need much, but this bag is so bright and cheerful it really shows her personality. Personality can come from the bag it's self or accessories. Rosey Posey has already covered her bag with personalized pins.
4. Durability
What is the point of buying a bag now if you're going to have to replace it in a few short months. Fortunately Bubee only goes to classes once a week, but almost every week I catch him dragging his bag. AHHHH!! Look for bags with a reinforced bottom and/or HydroFuse™ construction (seams are fused for comfort and weather-proofing) like this Oakley Arsenal Backpack.
5. Versatility
Rosey Posey is defiantly not a cookie cutter of a child. She likes things whether they are inside or outside the box. So we decided to go with a bag that would not only transport her normal school books, but also a laptop and her gym clothes. She picked out this Speedo Hard Deck Messenger. She likes being able to quickly access what she needs between classes and I love the waterproof (AKA sweat-proof) design and dirt bag for transporting her gym clothes in.

As you're shopping for new school bags check out the selection at Back To School Shop. They have a great selection, 100% Price Match Guarantee, and Great prices!!

Rosey Posey absolutely LOVES her new bag, even if I couldn't get her to stop texting long enough to show it...

Ah there we go. LOL Teens *Facepalm*

Everything posted above is of my own opinion. offered me a $50 gift card in exchange for mentioning them in this post.

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