Thursday, October 15, 2015

Monster Doughnuts

I've seen this idea all over Pinterest (I think the first place I saw it was Thrifty Fun) and knew I just HAD to make some. This past week I've been filling in at Little Lady's school and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share the fun!

These guys are so simple to make, but I have a couple of tips:

1. Most doughnuts are actually oval, not round. Try to put the teeth in such a way that they optimally fit. You can see that mine went every which way.
2. Just push the 'eyes' in. I love when one goes in at a different angel than the other, then you get a silly cross-eyed monster.

3. Don't use HOT doughnuts. I LOVE when the 'Hot' sign is lit at my local Krispy Kream. However, it's best to let the doughnuts cool (maybe even over night) to avoid the teeth just ripping though the doughnut and the glaze making your monster look like he need some lotion. :P

4. Give your doughnuts a cute display. I used sharpies to add a cute message and pumpkin.

Needless to say these guys didn't last very long ;) They were a LOT of fun!

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