Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Caitlin's Contentment

Book 1 of the Dare Dreamers Series

I had the wonderful opportunity this week to review the newest book from rising author Liz Taylor. Caitlin's Contentment is an amazing story about a self-made princess who learns just how bad things can get when she's no longer content with what she has and starts selfishly wishing for more. This book is a great chapter book geared towards Girls AND Boys ages 8 and up.

Rosey Posey got a hold of the book before I was done with it, and I wasn't sure I was going to get it back. LOL. She read it from cover to cover in one (long) sitting. While it was a quick read for her (being 13), she still loved it immensely. Her favorite part was when Caitlin faced the dragon. My favorite part was the amazing story telling when Caitlin's new world is being created by the Artist. The gentle character lessons so cleverly intertwined into the book leaves even the adults feeling encouraged, loved, and ready to grow!

In Catlin's Contentment Caitlin has it good. She has a home, plenty of food, and family and friends who love her. But that just doesn't seem to be enough for her! She dreams of having a more exciting and glamorous life. Join her on an adventure where she learns that getting everything she wants doesn't always turn out the way she imagined it, and that she can learn contentment even in the toughest times.

This is only Volume 1 of the long awaited Dare Dreamers Character Building Adventures series.
You can order your own copy HERE.

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