Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Update 2015

Wait, Thanksgiving in less than a week away?!?! Ahhhhh!!! *hyperventilate* okay, I think I'm okay now.... This season has flown by too fast this year. I feel like we didn't get to do half our bucket list. I still have pumpkins that we never decorated for Halloween, so I'm going to do them for Thanksgiving I guess. (Or introduce Bubee to the art of pumpkin smashing... Okay, maybe not!) We have gotten a few things checked off though.

 Little Lady had her hayride to the pumpkin patch at school.

 She LOVES that Pumpkin so much!

Oh, what Fun!

Meme and I were also able to make it out to a UT game again this year!

This past weekend the kids and I saw some great Civil War history in Chattanooga, TN.

The sites were amazing and we had so much fun!!!

Are you ready for the holiday dash? I'm not sure I am, but ready or not... here they come!! ;) What are you doing to wrap up your Fall season?
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