Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to Clean a Stove Top With NO Scrubbing

This started with me just trying to figure out a better way to clean my stove top (Sorry I have less pictures than normal because this didn't start out as a post, but I just HAD to share this with you all!) . I love a clean stove. My stove literally is the center of our house and so I feel like when my stove is clean my house feels cleaner and vise versa! I'm pretty good at keeping it clean, but being a gas stove there has always been burnt on 'stuff' that will not come off no matter how long I soak or how hard I scrub it.

There has always been a black ring around the bottom right burner (The one we use the most) that I just accepted it as a permanent fixture in my kitchen unless I wanted to buy a new stove. While working on my New Year's Resolution, I decided to try a new way to tackle the stove. I found this post by Nicole and decided to give it a try. The angels were singing hallelujah in my kitchen when all was done. I think I even drove my family crazy with the  text pictures of my nice clean stove. LOL

1. Put grates and parts in gallon size zip-lock baggies.

2. Add ~2-3 Tablespoons of Ammonia to the bag. You're not trying to soak the grate, just seal it up with the fumes.  (IMPORTANT: NEVER mix anything with the Ammonia!!! Bleach and Ammonia mixed will create toxic fumes. The Ammonia by itself is enough, so don't play chemist!)

3. Allow them to "fumigate" for 12-24 hours. Make sure you put them in a large bowl, on a tray or in the sink just in case there is a leak.

4. Wipe all the grime off. I found that with 24 hours of 'fumigating' everything just wiped right off with a sponge and didn't require any scrubbing. The hardest part was just making sure I got all the nooks and crannies. (Optional: I used a cleaning mask because this stuff STINKS!!! I got Lemon "Scented"... Yea right! there was nothing LEMON about it Ug!!)

5. Enjoy!

I will NEVER scrub my stove again. If you have pieces that will not fit in a gallon size bag there are alternatives. I sealed up the drip pans in foodsaver bags. It worked perfectly. I am so happy that black ring is forever banished!! :D

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