Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Party at the State Fair

Every year the North Georgia State Fair is here the 2 weeks around Rosey Posey's birthday. Ever since she turned 5 it's been a part of her birthday celebration, and this year was no different. We picked up 3 of her friends and met up with family for some fun, food and shows at the fair.

We always go on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. The fair has a GREAT deal for about $15 you get unlimited rides on theses days. Seeing how each ride averages $2-5 you can see how the $15 deal is AMAZING. The way the fair is laid out we usually start with rides and snacks, make our way to the back where the food is for dinner, watch one of the shows, then finish up the night with dessert and a few more ride.

Rosey Posey's favorite ride is the Himalayan while Bubee loves the motorcycles. I always measure the kid's heights before we go so I can tell quickly if they are the right height for each ride. Sadly we found out this will be Bubee's last year on the motorcycles, so needless to say he rode them about 6 times (About the only negative part of the unlimited rides pass)

The newest ride this year is the Ski Lift. It goes from one end of the fair to the other and  provides a beautiful Birdseye-view.

One of the main things I noticed while enjoying this new view was one of the games. I know that carnival games are all rigged to give you snowball's chance in hell of winning, but I never knew the basketball game was THIS bad! If you look you can see that the rims are not just smaller (Which I thought was the only thing) They are actually shaped differently.  So we did not play any games while there and saved our money to enjoy on other things...

Like food! One of my favorite things about the fair is there is such a choice of food that everyone can enjoy their own favorites and no one can be too picky. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, quesadilla and fresh french fries! No way I'm making that all in one night just the please everyone. ;)

After dinner it's time for a show. Last year they had alligators, this year it was sea lions! We learned some neat facts about pollutions effect on sea lions and even the difference between seals and sea lions (Like sea lions rotating hip). So not only was the show fun and down-right hilarious, it was very educational too.

We wrapped up the night with some good old fashion festival sweets: Ice cream, cotton candy and the best apple dumplings in the world!!!
Granny's Apple Dumplings!!! YUM!

Takeaway Tips
  • Get the best deal. Check for discount or early bird tickets, and especially special dates like kids free or unlimited rides.
  • Measure the kids before you go, that way you can tell quickly which rides they can enjoy. 
  • Resist the urge to play the games! Unless it's in your budget, you're probably going win more spending the money on lottery tickets.
  • Let everyone get what they want for dinner. It's your one chance for everyone to be happy without you having to be a short order cook.
  • Use any opportunity for an educational lesson. While this isn't your main goal, you never know what you or the kids can learn if you just look around.
  • Don't forget to budget your time too. We were at the fair for 7 hours and could have probably stayed longer. 
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