Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stone Mountain Park

If you're ever in the Metro-Atlanta area, you really should check out Stone Mt. Park. The first time I set eyes upon the 825 foot granite rock I was about 4 years old. I have enjoyed many of summer days playing on the main lawn in front of the infamous sculpture of Davis, Lee, and Jackson including one crazy 4th of July (Note: NEVER visit on a holiday!!!).

This Past Saturday we enjoyed a day at the Yellow Daisy Festival: an arts and craft show at the park; followed by an evening enjoying the laser show.

Little Lady enjoyed most of the day from the confined view of her seat in the wagon; complete with her own safety fan. Not only was the wagon a great way to traverse the terrain, it served as a shopping cart for some of our craft show goodies.

 One of my favorite parts of the festival was watching Santa play bass! :P
 All through out the day we had to make sure everyone was well hydrated, covered in bug spray and sunblock and stayed cool. Little Lady enjoys the outdoors so much. She was content to sit tight in her chair enjoying the cool breeze of her puppy fan.

After walking over 5 miles it was time to claim our spot on the grass. If you get a chance to visit it is best to be on the lawn at least 2 hours before the show starts. We like to get there anywhere between 3 and 5 hours beforehand so we can picnic and the kids can play: The lawn there is HUGE and every kid loves to roll in the grass, blow bubbles, play tag, toss a ball, throw a Frisbee, and anything else they can imagine.
Our Stone Mt. 'kit' always has: large picnic blankets, several chairs, food, bubble, Frisbee, ball, 'glow in the dark' apparel (Glow sticks, flashing hats, etc.). By the time the older two were done playing Little Lady was worn out. Meme got her to sleep and I was SO happy we brought her camping nap tent.

Once the lights go down it's time to get the glow in the dark goodies out. There are vendors on site selling all sorts of goodies, but I find the same things in the dollar section of Target for SO MUCH less! The laser show is an amazing thing to see. All sorts of songs and images to take in topped with fireworks, it can be breath takeing!

Takeaway Tips
  • Check out the Stone Mt Park web page to plan your trip. We had a simple trip this time, but there's LOTS to do there including a trip to the top of the Mt, the duck ride, train, Crossroads village, and MORE
  • Travel smart not necessarily lite: No matter what you do there you will probably be doing a lot of walking. The best way to enjoy it all is to travel with all the necessities and usually a wagon or large stroller is best to transport it in.
  • Weather Safety: Stay cool/warm, don't get bit or burnt, if there's lightning: Stay OFF the lawn!!
  • Pack fun things to do. Take advantage of the HUGE lawn.
  • Don't forget the light up goodies... unless you don't mind spending $10 on a light up sword.
  • DO NOT go on holidays. Memorial day, 4th of July and Labor day are the worst. (The one time we went on the 4th of July I was 12 and we literally ate our picnic in the car stopped on the interstate because traffic was so bad to get into the park.)
  • Get to the lawn at least 2 hours before the show starts.
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