Thursday, November 21, 2013

6 Weeks of Cookies Challenge

I am joining Allison over at Go Dansker Mom for a 6 week challenge of cookie making.Just like Allison, I have a habit of waiting till a week before Christmas to bake cookies and then we end up with way too many to eat or even give away. So I asked Allison if I could jump on board and join her.

While doing some of my pre-Christmas shopping I noticed this cookie set at both Wal-mart and Target. (Quick legal notice: This is NOT A sponsored post, I just loved this item and wanted to share it with you), So while my first batch of cookies is more about the cutters than the recipe, I still think you'll get a KICK out of them (Yes, Pun intended!)

This was the set: Cookie mix, icing mix, candies, and 4 Ninja cookie cutters. The mix scared me a little as it was pretty dry and I actually did better mixing it by hand than with my mixer. But it seamed to turn out okay in the end.

We rolled them out, cut them out, baked them, and decorated. This was my first successful attempt at piping royal icing.

Even Rosey Posey did a pretty good job.  She didn't want to copy anything on the box, so she got pretty creative with her cookies. My favorites include:

HellBoy (Left) and "Gingerbread Phone" (Right)

Alien Attack

"Not the gumdrop buttons!!"

Rosey Posey and I had a lot of fun and while I don't have a recipe to share with you this week (I will the next 5 week of this challenge), I hope you got a good laugh and some inspiration out of our activity today.

Want to join us? Head on over to Go Dansker Mom!

What kind of cookies do you make for Christmas? Any recipes I should try this year?

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