Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Washi Tape Greeting Cards

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Valentine's Day is behind us, but there seams to be a few more weeks of cold weather before we can freely venture outside. I like to write a lot of 'just because' cards during this time. It helps me pass the time and helps warm someones heart. Recently I discovered Washi tape (Yes, I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon). It's so easy to make boarders and decorate mason jars now. I decided to use it to make my own greeting cards.

  • Washi Tape of different designs
  • These printables:

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

1. Print off the card(s) of your choosing. Each card is formatted to be 5X7. This means you can print 2 on a 8X11 page of card stock and cut them apart.

2. Fold in half and add Washi Tape to make a scarf.

3. Write a note and warm a heart!

I have purposely left these cards blank so you can add your own greeting: "Happy Birthday", "Get Wells Soon", "Winter Greetings".  You are welcome to alter the cover, all I ask is that you leave the web page on the back of the card. The customization of these cards is almost endless so, go warm someones heart! ;)

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