Monday, February 3, 2014

A Nontraditional Pet

This past week has been a very interesting one in my house... Praise God!! We survived Snowmageddon 2014!! And now we have added a new member to the household. I am pleased to introduce to you:

Toby Jay

Yes, he's a scorpion. How did I end up with a scorpion living on my desk? I'm not 100% sure! Rosey Posey has a science project on invertebrates due tomorrow. She needs a visual aid, and asked about getting a real scorpion. Since this is a pet she has wanted for a while and not an impulse (NO pet should be an impulse decision), I started researching it a few weeks ago. I agreed to let her get one as long as it would fit in our budget. Fortunately I was able to get the scorpion and all his needs for less than $40. So now this is the view of my desk:

Right now he's still in his travel terrarium, but we will transfer him tomorrow. This is defiantly a learning experience for me. So I'm hoping we can give him a great home. Any tips? LOL
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