Monday, February 10, 2014

WinterJam and MORE Winter Weather

A few weeks ago I was crossing my fingers and hoping for snow, then two days latter there was one of the worst winter events I've ever seen in the metro-Atlanta area. I promise I am NOT crossing my fingers for snow right now, but they are forecasting a winter storm that is worse than the last with wide spread power outages. The local schools have already canceled for the next two days. They are saying we will get a lot of ice... so maybe I should be hoping for snow instead. If we loose power I will probably only be updating my Twitter and Facebook for a bit (Fortunately I can charge my phone in the car), so look for me there not here ;)

This past weekend I was begged asked to go with Chris and Rosey Posey to WinterJam: A Christian concert tour. Concerts are not my favorite place to be... I can do large crowds like at a party or something, but I do NOT care for crowds THAT big! I am also hard of hearing so I can't understand much at a concert, usually all I can hear is the base. That's enough to give me a head ache and not much else.

L to R: Thing 1, Stone, Rosey Posey, KK, Thing 2

So what started out as a family trip ended up being Chris and I chaperoning 5 middle-school-age girls. I'm actually glad, because it gave me more of a reason to go.

We rode the MARTA (Local light rail trains) to down town. I think the girls all really enjoyed that part. I felt like a mama duck at the end of the night as the main rule of travel that night was: "Walk behind Steph and in front of Chris".

Even though we were not on the floor near the stage, we still had some pretty good seats at the Georgia Dome!

We got to see Nik Wallenda walk across a wire 100' up! See that spotlight near the top of the black curtain?

A quick shout-out to the girl that photo bombed our selfie... LOL I have no idea who she was, but this made me smile :P

Everything aside, we had GREAT seats and lots of fun!! And thanks to some ear plugs, I survived :D
On the way back the girls were interested in the architecture of one of the stations we were at.

 They decided this was a barfing lion. Personally, I have no idea what it's suppose to be LOL

And none of them could figure out why this sign was above the blank silver wall or why the cell phone looked so strange. You know: one day soon, children are going to be asking why it's called a "telephone pole".

Hopefully I will get to post this week, if not I should be back by Valentine's day! Stay Warm!!
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