Thursday, June 16, 2016

DIY Father's Day T-Shirt

Give dad a personalized gift with this easy Father's Day DIY T-shirt made with bleach and contact paper.

DIY Father's Day T-Shirt

Father's day is just around the corner. So, the kids and I decided to make Chris a personalized t-shirt. This simple Father's Day DIY gift is easier than it looks.




Trace Hand

1. Trace your child(ren)'s hand onto the contact paper.

Hands and Scissors
2. Cut out hand(s)

apply hands
3. Apply your contact paper hands to the t-shirt. Make sure you press the edges down well or the bleach will bleed. (I confess that I had Chris try the shirt on while I positioned Little Lady's hand. I wanted it over his heart but not under his beard.)

Protect shirt

4. If putting prints on both the front and back, protect the hand prints by putting cardboard in the t-shirt, or like me: turn inside out, put contact paper on the hand areas, turn right side out again.

Spray Bleach
5. This would be easiest outside where nothing can be hurt by the bleach. Unfortunately it's been raining so much around here, that I opted to use the spare shower. Hang the t-shirt up and mist with bleach. You can see the effect pretty quickly.


6. I wanted an abstract look with most of the shirt covered. You may decide less is more. If you're cover the whole shirt, be sure to get it in all creases: including the armpits. Also lookout for a 'dividing line' where the shirt naturally folds in half along the sleeves and torso.

7. Leave the contact paper on and wash according to the t-shirts directions. Take the contact paper off (If it didn't come off in the wash) and dry in dryer. (FYI: The large pieces of contact paper were easy to retrieve from my washing machine and did fine. Just don't forget and put them in the dryer)

Hand on Back 
I just love how well the hand prints come out. 

DIY Father's Day Tee Shirt

This is a very practical Father's Day gift. It's a great work shirt because hey, it's already stained. Or it's a great sentimental piece to wear with pride. A great variation on this project would be to use a bleach pen and add dates or names to the hand prints.

Don't give dad another tie for Father's Day. This Father's Day DIY T-shirt will last for years and remind him of the little hands that touched his Heart.

What are you getting dad for Father's Day? Comment below and share. ;)

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