Monday, June 13, 2016

Youth Camp and VBS

What a strange week we had this week! Chris and Rosey Posey were gone to youth camp all week. Bubee and Little Lady had Vacation Bible School too. So I got 3 hours each evening to myself! I must confess I was so excite. 

 Bubee seamed less than thrilled for game time. But I was told he enjoyed it ;)

 They did all sorts of science experiments. They even came home with some cave slime and a small geode.

 Bubee and Little Lady had a BLAST at VBS. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it wonderful.

 I received these pictures from Youth Camp.

 Rosey Posey as Perry the Platypus (More of a fashionable translation.) and Chris as Peter Panda.

 I think they did very well :D

I'd like to tell you about all the amazing things I accomplished with 3 hours to myself each evening, but alas, I can not. I reclaimed my kitchen one night, had dinner with the in-laws another night, and just recharged my 'mommy batteries' the other 2 nights. So yes, I was very productive, but mostly just helping myself to remain sane!

What are you doing this summer to recharge your 'mommy batteries'? Please comment below and maybe you'll help another mom out! ;)
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