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As the work-at-home, homeschooling, mother of three I found out that most years were passing by with me feeling like we didn't get everything 'done' before the seasons changed. So last year we started making 'seasonal bucket lists' as a family. This is the records of our adventures, crafts, seasonal recipes and more.

Check out how our current bucket list is going on the sidebar to the left. Click on the items marked off to see the post.

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I hope my blog can help you and your family enjoy each season to it's fullest.

For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven. 
- Ecclesiastes 3:1(NLT)

Hi! I am Steph. I have lived in the same bustling Atlanta suburb since I was 3. I am now happily married to my DH, Chris, and am the work at home mother of 3: Rosey Posey (13), Bubee(7), and Little Lady(3). I own my own business,  Atlanta's Santas, and in the off-season love to participate in Children's Consignment Sales, sell Mary Kay, bargain hunt at yard sales, and enjoy working in my vegetable garden. During the school year, you'll usually find me homeschooling the older two kids or volunteering at Little Lady's pre-school.
Color: Blue
Song: All Around Me - by Flyleaf
Wants to be when grown up: Storm Chaser

This is my DH of 14 years: Chris. While our marriage isn't perfect (Who's is?) I can honestly say we have a terrific marriage and grow closer to each other and God every year.
Color: Red
Food: Mac and Cheese
Song:The Moment We Come Alive - by Red
Wants to be when grown up: Himself

Meet Rosey Posey. She is 13 years of energy, sass, and life all rolled up into this teen shell. As with any teen, life with her can be a roller coaster ride, but one I'm happy and humbled to experience. When she's not got her nose in her phone, she's talking to her pet turtle, Mr. Soup.

Color: Neon-Green
Food: Blueberries
Song: "This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli
Wants to be when grown up: Zoologist

Our middle joy is Bubee. He is a 7-year-old boy that comes with most of those stereotypes:  energy, energy, and energy. I am so blessed however that he has a very sweet side. If you're hurting he will be the first one to stop what he's doing just to give you a hug.
Color: Red
Food: Pizza
Song: God's Not Dead
Wants to be when grown up: Robot Engineer(This week anyways)

Rounding out our group is Little Lady. Over 3 years ago (July 2012) God blessed us with this little surprise. Little Lady fits so nicely into our family. She is a playmate to Bubee and fashion model for Rosey Posey. You will not catch her anywhere without a bag on one shoulder and a bangle on the other wrist. Look out world! Here comes the cutest Little Lady EVER!! :D

Color: Purple
Food: Bananas
Song: Anything, She loves to dance
Wants to be when grown up: Cute!


  1. Love it! Good job! - Papaw

  2. Stopping by from SITSGirls. The seasonal collage of your kiddos is darling. I like that you provide a bit of navigation assistance on the about page. I would like to learn more about you on this page. possibly transfer some information from the About Me section in the sidebar.

    1. Thanks SO much for stopping by. I GREATLY Appreciate the feedback and help. :D

  3. Thanks so much! I will work on this. I Appreciate the help :D

  4. Happy SITS day from a fellow Atlanta area blogger!

  5. Happy SITS day to you! Your family is beautiful and I just love the idea behind your blog!

    - Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {http://www.designertrapped.com}


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