Friday, October 24, 2014

18 Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet!

Do you love to search Pinterest for amazing DIY costumes? Do you quickly find though that you are not a DIY kind of person? Bubee asked me to make him a transformer this year... ROFL!!!! I can do some amazing DIY work, but THIS is what he wanted. Yea, right!

So if you're not a DIY kind of person, but want a homemade costume, check out this collection of costumes that you may already have!

Who doesn't love Superman? All you need is Superman PJs, Tie, White Button-up Shirt, Dress Pants, and Glasses. Don't have Superman PJs? Print this logo out and tape it to a blue tee shirt.

Dora the Explorer is such a recognizable character, and her outfit is so simple and easy to replicate. Just use a Pink Tee, Orange Shorts, and Purple Backpack. If you'd like, add a dark wig, or map to complete the look.

ET phone home! While this costume is more about the props than the clothes, it's a simple one. If you have a stuffed ET GREAT!!! If not, you can simply wrap a teddy bear in the blanket and put a flash light in it as ET's "Heart". For Elliot you'll need a Red Hoodie, Milk Crate, Flashlight, Blanket, and Bike(Optional). If you don't have a milk crate, you can use a laundry basket.

Super simple and easy. Just add a Blazer, Sunglasses, and Briefcase to any dark outfit and you have and FBI agent. Optional props include a blue-tooth earpiece and FBI badge. You could easily change this to CIA, Private Investigator, or to be super scary: IRS Agent!

Yes, this one has a little bit of DIY, but I have faith that you can pull this one off. All you need is a Brown Onsie (Or tee) and White Tape. This is a perfect costume when an older sibling is wearing a football uniform.

Trick or Treating is basically panhandling for candy right? So why not look the part?  Use a Flannel Shirt and Bennie for the outfit, Face Paint for a scraggly beard, and Cardboard for a sign that reads "Will Work For Candy"

Who would like a night of silence from their child? This Mime costume is basically a Black and White Stripped Shirt, Black Gloves, and Face Paint. Optional props include bowler hat and red scarf.

Minions are just SO CUTE!! I shared a simple DIY Minion Costume earlier, but if you need a DIY-free version then just grab Denim Overalls, Yellow Hoodie, and Black Goggles. Make sure the goggles go on the outside of the hoodie, and you'll have a warm, good looking Minion!

One of Rosie Posey's nicknames is "Moose", So I love anything moose! And this super simple costume has 2 simple parts: Brown Hoodie and Brown Gloves. All you have to do is stuff the gloves and safety pin them to the hoodie.

Did you see that? Of course not, it's a Ninja! Wear a Black Turtleneck, Black Pants, and a Black Ski Mask and you can be a Ninja too. Optional props include toy nunchucks or a black scarf as a belt. WARNING: If you or your child wears this for after dark trick or treating, please take extra caution to have a flashlight or other illuminating object so that you will be visible to all vehicles and stay safe!

Pirates are an easy timeless costume. All you need is a White Shirt, Black Pants, and 2 Bandanas. Use one bandana as a belt and one on your head. Optional props include a sword, hook (hanger anyone), eye patch, shoe buckles, or jolly roger logo.

"It's Raining Cats and Dogs" My DH was kind enough to point out that this is a saying not a person... But I still love it! Dress your child in Rain Gear and tape/tie/pin Stuffed Cats and Dogs to their Umbrella to enjoy this pun.

I just love a man with a beard. :D This Lumberjack is too cute too. Dress you little (or big) guy in a Flannel Shirt, Jeans, Black Bennie, and use a little Face Paint for that super beard! Optional props include suspenders and toy ax.

Rosie the Riveter is a timeless icon. All you need for this iconic costume is a Blue Shirt, Jeans, Red Bandana, and Bold Lipstick. If you feel like trying a little DIY, you can make a "We Can Do It!" sign.

What little boy doesn't love trains? Use Overalls, Red Bandana, Work Gloves, and Hat to make this great costume. Optional props include train whistle and toy train.

Growing up Scooby-Doo was a Saturday morning staple for me. And Velma was my favorite character. All you need is an Orange Sweater, Red Skirt, Orange Knee Highs, Black Mary Janes, and Glasses. To really set this costume off you can carry a stuffed Scooby-Doo.

Where's Waldo? (Or Wally if you're in the UK). Dress up in a Red and White Stripped Top, Jeans, Stripped Hat, and Glasses and you'll always know where Waldo is. Add a walking stick and backpack to top this costume off!

As a child of the 80s and 90s, Beanie Babies were a BIG part of growing up. If you have an Animal Themed Snowsuit then all you need to do is add this printable.

While most of these show kid's costumes, most of these costumes can be for any age, All you have to do is look in your closet and see what you have!! What are you and your kids dressing up as?

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