Thursday, October 16, 2014

16 DIY Costumes in 10 Minutes or Less

I am all about thriftily making and recycling more so than buying. So when my kids need a costume I prefer to make them at home. However, I also have limited amounts of time (Chris and I did a count this past week and including managing a household I run/manage 6 "Businesses") so I prefer something quick. I've put together my favorite list of 16 fun costumes that you can make in 10 min or less.
LEGO Halloween Costume: There's 2 good ones on
Here and Here.
All though this DIY Halloween Costume: Progressive Insurance Flo by is shown as an adult costume, it could look really cute on a young lady too!
Same with this Easy Star Trek Baby Costume by Tin Heart... Great for any age!!
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