Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dryer Duct Pumpkins

 Work Time: 10 Min
Total Time: 30 min
Approximate Cost: $2-5 each

Okay so if you've been following my blog, you will know I accidentally called these 'Air Duct Pumpkins'. However when I went to Home Depot to get my supplies I realized what I was actually thinking of was a dryer duct. Oh well, learned something new.

 1. Gather supplies:
  • Dryer duct (I used about a 4" duct. Cut to length)
  • Hot glue and gun (I like a low-temp for this project)
  • Fall ribbon
  • Clothes pin
  • Orange spray-paint
  • Cinnamon sticks
2. Glue the ends of the duct together and use a clothespin to hold in place till glue is dry. You may have to fill in a little more glue to make sure it's secure.

3. Prepare an area to spray paint. (Using my trusty milk crate again)

4. Spray the top then roll the painted area inside before it dries.

5. Finish painting all sides; letting it dry before to flipping it over to the other side.

6. Using the fall ribbon tie two cinnamon sticks together with a nice bow. Make sure the cinnamon sticks fit in the pumpkin before tying together.

7. Place the cinnamon sticks in the dried pumpkin. You can use the glue gun to glue the ribbon and sticks in place, but it's not necessary and then you can replace the cinnamon sticks each year for an all natural air freshener.

This project was so much easier than I ever expected. You can use several different size ducts to get different sized pumpkins. The cost of this project depends mostly on the ducts you get. I spent $8 on the duct, but could probably make 10 or more pumpkins out of the length I got. So I could make about 10 pumpkins with $20 worth of supplies.

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