Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Musings

I have been so blessed lately. Meme, my mother, has had a more open schedule this year and has been keeping Little Lady and Rosey Posey once a week so I can drop Bubee off at school and then sneak off to Starbucks by myself. Oh the joys of some mommy time out of the house: When I'm at home with out kids I start to think of everything I need to do: laundry, dishes, vacuum, etc. But out of the house I can clear my mind, write a blog post, or just enjoy the sound of adults talking.

This past week I decided to use this time to address some of my bucket list. One of my items was to try a new flavor of tea. I'm stuck in a rut most of the time (my husband usually has to beg me to try something new at our favorite restaurant) that I find it helpful to put at least one new thing on my bucket list each season. So I sheepishly approached the barista and asked for a suggestion. Zen? I wanted a suggestion for tea, not yoga.. Sure, I'll try it. Okay, I'm in love! Zen has hint of spearmint.. Yum!

Another bucket list item this week was bonfire and s'mores. Double yum! Rosey Posey had a teen connection with her youth group this week and Meme and I helped build the fire. I've never meet anyone who could build a fire as well as Meme!

Rosey Posey even invented a Mega S'more consisting of 2 sugar cookies, chocolate, and a jumbo marshmallow... Not sure if she will sleep tonight or just bounce off the walls.

Earlier I posted about trying something new. Well, my Swapoween package came this week from Becca at Everyday Life!
This was my first time doing a Swap and I must say my favorite things were the cookies and candy (I love sweets) and the socks. I swear the temperature around here dropped the day this arrived just so I could enjoy the candy corn socks even more :D
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