Monday, October 28, 2013

Bucket List Wrap-up

This past weekend has been all about wrapping up the bucket list before the holidays get here. Entered the chili cook-off, tried some new pumpkin recipes (More about those later), painted pumpkins, started my Christmas crafts and Bubee had his hayride at school. Every year the school has a hayride and 'pumpkin patch' at the school. The kids had so much fun.

 Bubee mostly hangs out with his two beast friends: Samuel and Blair.

Of course that's Bubee acting like a ninja in the front left.

We hosted a Chili Cook-off at our church this Sunday. Oh what fun!!! There were 23 chili's in the contest... I won "Best Traditional Chili"!
I made several of my Dryer-Duct Pumpkins for decorations and prizes. And No, I (nor any of my family) were judges.

Rosey Posey made some Pumpkin Dip (#6) and Bubee made some Pretzel Pumpkins (#7) for the desert contest.

My favorite part of the weekend was making these "Turkey Dropping" goodies for the kids. They are Reece's Pieces in a goodybag.

Thanks again for scanning through my family's adventure, and now what you REALLY wanted to read:

The winner of last week's Guest and Giveaway and recipient of a New Merona Clutch is:

Tandi C.

Congratulations Tandi!!! Don't forget to enter this weeks giveaway for your chance to win.
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