Thursday, October 10, 2013

DIY: Candy Corn Vases

Work Time: 20 Min
Total Time: 2 hours
Approximate Cost: Less than $10 

This past week's trip to the thrift store yielded 3 matching vases ($3 total) so I just had to make a new October center piece. Small fact about myself: I LOVE Candy Corn! So I made candy corn inspired vases.

1. Gather supplies:
  • 3 Vases
  • Spray paint in orange, white and yellow (I chose one that was paint and primer in 1 since I was painting on glass)
  • Painting surface (Here I used an old milk crate)
2. Spray whole vase white. Don't worry too much if you get some on the inside, just make sure you don't spray so much that the paint starts to run. Let dry according to paint instructions (I only had to wait 25 min between coats)

3. About 1/3rd of the way down spray an orange strip. Don't worry about it reaching the bottom (The yellow will cover that), again just make sure it doesn't run. Let Dry.

4. Add yellow to the bottom third. Make sure it covers the white (You don't want a small band of white between the yellow and orange) and goes to the bottom. I actually didn't worry about painting the bottom of the vases at all.

As you can see each one is unique. I love the speckled fade between colors that the paint makes.

5. Make your display. Add flowers or candy and other fall related items to make a cute display.

I made this set in about 2 hours while my kids napped and were at school. My actual work time was only about 20 min. I just had to wait about 1 hour and half total for paint to dry.
My cost was only $3 since I had the paint on hand. Check out your local thrift store and find some unique containers: vases, bottles, jugs. They don't all have to match.

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