Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer is Zooming By!!!

A Summer Storm moving in.

Wow I can't believe it's already this close to the middle of June. WOW!!! We've gotten a few items checked off the bucket list. Last week Rosey Posey and Chris were at our Church's youth summer camp. They had a lot of fun while I stayed at home with the 2 younger ones. OMG it was a crazy week...

 Tuesday we took Miss H to the movies with us. Little Lady loved the popcorn. (Don't ask me what that face means LOL)
 So did Bubee, (Quick Tip: Take your booster seat from the car into the movie theater when taking little ones. It's a lot easier!)
But I ended up in the lobby with Little Lady before the end of the movie because she had enough of sitting still. Oh well, it was only a $1 movie :D

 Wednesday we met up with Bubee's best friend for some swimming.
 Little Lay felt like a big girl getting to swim by herself (Notice the life jacket, she was proud to be in it and not a baby float)
 Bubee was just happy to be in the water!
 I harvested my first fruits (or should I say veggies) out of the garden. (I need to do some weeding)
There's a yummy bell pepper ready to be picked!!

 Little Lady got to enjoy some Ice Cream at Chick-fil-a

I think she liked it!

And we got to toast to some friends' first grand-baby (BTW: That's sparkling cider)

Bubee wanted to make a "TV Show" So he had me record him on the playground. What he says the last 5 sec is hilarious!!!

WHEW! What a crazy week. Chris and Rosey Posey are home and I've never been happier. What have you been doing so far this summer?

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