Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cool Down Lei

Yesterday I posted about how I'm staying cool in this summer heat. Today: How my kids are staying cool... Cool down necklaces and headbands! These colorful creations can be so much fun when playing outside, just add cool water.

  • Colorful Sponges (Easiest to cut and thread if they are damp)
  • Bead N' Stretch or other string, thread, etc.
  • Needles (I like these large darning needles)
  • Scissors

1. Cut all the sponges into 'beads'. These were perfect fresh from the package.

They don't have to be the same size. It adds to the fun of the final look. I cut each sponge into 3 strips then cut the strips up into the final 'beads'.

2. Thread the string into the needle, I tied a small knot at the end so they didn't slip off.

3. Thread as many 'beads' onto the string as you'd like in any pattern you want. Bubee, who's almost 6, was able to pretty much do this on his own. The darning needles aren't as sharp as some smaller ones, so I wasn't too worried as long as I was still supervising.

Rosey Posey went for a more basic pattern with her favorite colors.

4. Size your lei for a necklace or headband and tie off the ends.

  5. Dip in cool water and enjoy!

This was a great craft for both Bubee and Rosey Posey. Bubee got to practice some of his fine motor skills and pattern making. Rosey Posey loved the freedom to do what she wanted with hers. These are SO refreshing on a hot summer day!

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