Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Water Bombs Plus 5 Games

This is Part 1 of My Camping Series. For more camping info, check out the links at the bottom of this post.

I have seen Water Bombs all over Pinterest and I just knew it was something we were going to do this summer, however I kept wondering what games to play with them. So this past week we had a lot of fun coming up with these games at camp.

DIY Water Bombs

  • Sponges (These 16 sponges made 8 water bombs)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Buckets (Optional)

1. Cut each sponge into 3 pieces as above. It's easiest to cut the sponges when they are damp.

2. Mix up sponge colors and line up with 2 rows of three.

3. Cut string and tie around the 6 sponges.

4. Tie as tight as possible. A square knot is the best, and you can get a tighter knot of you wait till the sponges dry, but it's not necessary

5. Spread the sponges out to form a ball shape.

6. Repeat 7 more times ;)

7. Play time!!!


Chalk Wash:

Using chalk, draw different sized circles and assign points. The larger the circle the higher the points. Each player takes turns tossing the water bombs at the circles. Players earn points by completely washing away a circle.

Water Tag:

One player is 'it'. You can place a bucket of water at each end of the playing field or have 'it' carry the bucket with them. The player who is 'it' tags the other players with the water bombs until there is only one player left. That play then becomes 'it'.

Over Under:

Players line up in two lines with a bucket at the start and end of each line. The first person in each line passes the bombs over head while the next person passes them under their legs. All the way back until the last player puts the water bombs into the bucket. The first team to transfer all the water bombs to the back bucket wins.

Dodge Bomb:

Same as dodge ball, but with water bombs. Great for staying cool!!

Wash Mom's Car:

Okay, it's not exactly a game, but Bubee loved tossing the water bombs at my car and it got pretty clean. As long as they are standing far enough back the bombs can't damage your car... Play at your own risk ;)

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