Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Labor of Love... Need Advice!!!

I hope your Labor Day was wonderful. Where else can you celebrate Labor day by NOT working! Unfortunately we spent most of our day trying to fix the A/C... What a bad day for the A/C to go out (Not that there is a good day for it to). While Chris and my folks worked on that I worked on keeping the kids cool however I could. So instead of a BBQ and Swimming, we actually had to work.

The girls got a hold of my phone and had a good time though (Sorry for the poor quality):

However, this past weekend I did start a new venture. I'm signed up to sell at a local craft show this month, and decided to also put some of my items on Etsy. I've never done much on Etsy so, I feel a little lost. If you have had experience with Etsy, I'd love ANY advice you may have to offer!

Some of my items:

PLEASE, leave me a comment with any advice you may have for selling on Etsy. If you don't have any Etsy experience, feel free to have a look and let me know what you think of my shop and items. Thanks everyone!!
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