Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY Fall Cork Coasters

Fall for me means warm drinks like mint or pumpkin spice teas!! Last year I made Fun Fall Felt Coasters. This year I opted for something a little more sophisticated: Fall Cork Coasters! These little guys are the perfect fit for my mug and look so cute on my table when I'm not using them. I would recommend this DIY for tweens and up.

  • Cork board (You want thick yet flexable)
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Sharpie marker
  • A print out of This Pattern on cardstock

1. Cut the pattern out. I recomend leaving the space between the Turkey's legs so the coaster does not have such a week point.

2. Useing the Sharpie marker, trace the patterns onto the cork board. Since my board had been rolled up, I had to use my honey bear to help hold down the board while I traced. He's such a sweet helper!! :P

3. Cut out the coasters and enjoy!

Note: If your cork board was rolled up like mine, you may have to flatten your coasters. I just put mine under something heavy (I used my husband's Collage book) for 24 hours. If they still aren't completely flat, you can dampen them with water and put them back under a heavy object for another 24 hours. Once dry they should stay flat.

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Mindie reminded me she linked up a similar post last month that I forgot about. I guess I was subconsciously inspired by her post. Thanks Mindie!!

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