Monday, September 29, 2014

State Fair, Birthday Parties, and My First Craft Show

This past week was an awesome fall party! We celebrated Rosey Posey and Cousin E's Birthdays, and I had my first craft show!!

Every year we celebrate Rosey Posey's birthday with a trip to the North Georgia State Fair. This year we took some friends from Choi Kwag Do. It was so much fun!!

 We enjoyed seeing the Lego displays. This one was a replica of the fair and won a blue ribbon!

 And we got to see the Sealions again! Such fun!! :D

Of course Bubee got cotton candy again!

For her birthday Rosey Posey got a pet Turtle. She's wanted one for about 4 years, and we decided she's ready to care for one. This is "Soup", yes, that's his name! He's a red-eared slider and will be around for the next 50-70 years... YEP you heard that right. That's why this was not a light decision. Rosey Posey will have to take Soup with her when she moves out in 10 or so years, but until then, we've all enjoyed having him around.

The bottom picture has earned him the nickname: "Yoga Turtle". I did find out this is very common for turtles to sleep stretched out like this.

This past Saturday I had my first craft show. I think it was a great success. I'm hoping to do another this coming weekend. BTW: If you like anything you see here, check out my etsy shop:

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