Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Twine Pumpkin Bucket Fall Craft

One of my favorite parts of fall are pumpkins!  I love carving pumpkins, I love making pumpkins, I love eating pumpkin recipes and of course candy pumpkins!! While browsing around Target's dollar section I fond some goodies and knew just what I was going to make: A Twine Pumpkin Bucket!!!

  • Small galvanized bucket
  • Orange twine
  • 1 Clothes pin
  • Green paint
  • Paint brush
  • Green material (You can use cloth, felt, cardstock, etc. I used a green burlap paper I found in the scrapbook section)
  • Hot glue and gun

1. Paint the clothespin green and set to the side to dry. Bubee helped paint mine.

2.Put a small dot of hot glue where you are going to start your twine. NOTE: I learned it's best to start at the smallest part of your bucket (AKA the bottom). So don't follow the picture, just start at the bottom. I like to start at the seam so I know where to glue.

3. Start tightly wrapping the twine around your bucket. Glue the twine down about every 5 laps so to help keep it looking nice and smooth.

4. When you finish, glue down the end of the twine.

5. You should have a very nicely twine wrapped bucket.

6. Cut a pumpkin leaf out of your material. This green burlap paper looked so nice with the twine. You can cut any leaf shape (I have a great leaf pattern here) or be technical and cut a pumpkin leaf which to me looks like a rounded-off heart.

7. Glue the leaf over the metal of your clothes pin.

8. Clip the 'stem' and 'leaf' to your 'pumpkin.

This cute little pumpkin is great as a candy bowl, or fill with buttons, acorns, or potpourri. Depending on the material you use for your leaf, you could even put a tea light in it for a nice display. Since I like all things pumpkin I decided to just add MORE pumpkins to it!

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