Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School with Nature Valley™ Bistro Cups – the new premium oatmeal that you make in your Keurig®*!

With the start of the school season, I am on the look out for nutritional yet quick meals for my kids. Even as a homeschooling mother we not only have rushed mornings, twice a week my kids have classes outside of the home that we must get to quickly and efficiently. I can not tell you how excited I am to have found these yummy Bistro Cups from Nature Valley. Now I don't have to measure, milk or water, and we can easily make breakfast a sit down meal or eat on the go!! It's so simple:

 Each serving comes in 3 parts: the oats, the toppings, and a K-cup*. You just empty the oats and toppings into a cup (If you're in a hurry you can always use a disposable coffee cup to take with you),

 Put the K-cup* in your Keurig* or similar coffee maker,

 Then brew!! It's that easy!!

After it sits for just a moment, you have a yummy oatmeal that so easy to take with you or enjoy slowly as the sun rises.

Rosey Posey will brew her oatmeal while she's finishing getting ready. I like that she doesn't have to boil water on the stove, or spend time measuring ingredients.

Bubee enjoys getting to make it himself. And he LOVES the taste! Personaly I love the nutrition my kids are getting since it's sweet thanks to the fruit and not a bunch of frosting like some of their favorite cold cereals. I also love the aromas it fill the house with!

Our family gives this 'two thumbs up' as a great way to start the school day!!

Which Flavor would you try first? Apple Cinnamon Almond or Brown Sugar Pecan??

Available in two delicious flavors – Apple Cinnamon Almond or Brown Sugar Pecan -- Nature Valley Bistro Cups are not only a smarter breakfast option for you and your family, but also easy to prepare! Simply pop the Bistro Cup into your Keurig, pour the 100% Natural Whole Grain Oats and Fruit & Nuts pouch into a mug, brew, stir, and enjoy!
Find Nature Valley Bistro cups in the hot cereal aisle at Target.

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.
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