Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh Fall, Where Art Thou?!?

Dear friends and readers, I have not abandoned you (even though it may feel like it) I have just spent the last month walking through a storm. Praise God, Jesus was with me every step of the way and I can now see rainbows!!!!

For the past 2+ months, my DH, Chris, has been looking for a new job. This has put a bit of stress on the household, but I am so pleased to report that he started his new job today!!! God is so good and showed us favor with a job better than we could have ever hoped for!!!
That's the best news. However during the job search we celebrated 4 out of the 5 of our Birthdays, traveled to FL for my Brother-in-law's wedding, started consignment sale season, started Santa season, AND everyone (and I mean kids and Chris) started back to school! It's been crazy and a bit stressful to say the least. I am ready for fall to get here and have a more steady schedule. Here's a recap of the past few weeks:

 Bubee turned 6 at the end of July. I can't believe he's getting so big!

We celebrated by going to see Planes Fire and Rescue with his best buddy!

Little Lady has also been growing. She turned 2 mid-July and is advancing more and more every day.

We finally turned her car seat around to face forward. (Yes, I was parked when I took this picture ;) ) Now she sounds a lot like Maxwell whenever we go for a ride: "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

And of course she LOVES her new rocking horse.

Consignment Sale season has been CRAZY too! I've loaded up my vehicle twice so far, and gotten rid of a LOT of toys and clothes.

Spent a few nights shopping in crowds like these. And come home with a few goodies.

Little Lady is now ready for Thanksgiving...

And school. (I'm so happy she'll be going 2 days a week!!)

Bubee got a Buzz Lightyear snuggy to keep warm this winter.

Rosey Posey got some new threads too!

Even though I wasn't planning on it, all the kids got new beds! (Meme is an AMAZING packer by the way!)

Bubee and Little Lady got this awesome bunk bed with built in dresser, book shelf and desk. For now Little Lady will just sleep on her crib mattress in the floor, but there is so much room to grow with this setup.

Rosey Posey got a room all to herself since she doesn't mind sharing it with my washer and dryer... Yep, that's right. She moved into the laundry room. It's actually quite big and will allow her to have some tween space away from her siblings. You can see all my kid's sale hangers above her bed. LOL
We've made a few trips to the farmer's market, and the kids have gotten to enjoy the near by parks.

Even though Little Lady is more interested in this drain cover than playing. They all had fun!

Farmer's Market season of course means canning. I canned some yummy peaches this year. I'll be sharing instructions soon ;)

What's peaches with out cobbler? Unfortunately, I tried a new recipe and failed... It tasted amazing, just overflowed a little lot!

And finally there's been a lot of back to school shopping. Even though I home school Rosey Posey and Bubee, they have classes outside of the home every Tuesday. This will be Bubee's first year so he got to pick out a book-bag for the very first time. (I think he's a little envious of Little Lady in the above picture). Tomorrow is their first day...

And I'm SO ready!!!!

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