Friday, October 3, 2014

The Best Things in Fall are Free

 The following is a guest post from Christine at

Hello everybody!  I'm Christine from The So-Called Homemaker!  I'm so excited to be posting on A Time for Seasons today, and I figured what better time to talk about my favorite season - Fall!  I know you've all seen posts about the best things about Fall, but I have a little bit of a different perspective on it...I think the best things about the season won't cost you a dime!

The colors.  I feel like this goes without saying.  Is there anything better than the beautiful colors of Fall?

Playing in a pile of leaves.  I don't know if many people still do this, but there's very little I like better than raking up a huge pile of leaves and then jumping into them!  Now it's even more fun because I have a kid to throw into them - and pass on the tradition.

The crisp, clean air.  I love Fall air.  On those beautiful days where there is a slight breeze blowing, it's wonderful to leave my windows open while I work, read, or do just about anything.  The slight chill is totally worth the fresh feeling of the air.

Grass stops growing.  I'm actually someone who enjoys cutting the grass, but by the end of the summer I'm glad for the grass to stop growing so I can take a break for a while!

Halloween.  While celebrating Halloween is not necessarily free, the holiday is!  I love the decorations and seeing everybody in costume.  Plus, since we take our daughter around, we get free candy!

That Fall feeling.  This is something that is impossible to describe, but that doesn't matter since everyone knows what I mean.  Fall just leaves this amazing feeling of so happy to be alive!
I hope you'll all come by my blog and say hello, and tell me about your favorite things in Fall, free or not!


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