Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lavender Sugar Scrub

I have seen so many sugar scrubs on Pinterest and I wanted to try them, but I never have essential oils on hand. So, I found this recipe to try. This was so easy I made all I needed for all the ladies in my family (extended too) for Christmas in less than 10 min. I used a small 4oz mason jar, but you can use any air tight container.

1/4 Cup Baby Oil
1/4 Cup Lavender Baby Bath
2 Cups Sugar
2- 4oz Mason Jar

Mix everything up and put 1/2 cup of scrub in each jar. If you make a big batch, make sure to stir the bowl before you dip out each jar since the ingredients settle quickly.

Add a label to the lid and voila: A beautiful homemade Christmas gift that cost you less than $2 and 10 min.

I used Avery silver embossed round labels (22824), but this printable should work on any 12 label sheet.

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