Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Fun!

It's almost time to change my site over to Winter. But first, a quick wrap up of our Christmas:

 Little Lady had a blast ripping up all the papers. Ironically she was also the one who picked up the most paper to throw away. 

 Bubee loved his gifts, but was most excited by the bubble wrap he found in one of his packages... Go figure!

 Rosey Posey was praying hard for something...
I guess she got it, because she was quite happy with this book.

Papaw did an amazing job and surprised Meme with some jewelry. You go Papaw!!
After opening the gifts, it's a family tradition to go to breakfast at iHop with my family. 

As you can see, some folks would rather take a nap. (Probably stayed up too late)

 After breakfast it's off to the in-laws for dinner and more gifts.
 Rosey Posey got some amazing mustache items.
 My nephew, G-man, had fun wearing these hilarious glasses with a strange gofer nose.

 As with every year we wrap up the night paying Balderdash...
and laughing pretty hard!

I got to open my swap from my partner Amanda over at Rosey Posey loves the 'arm gloves' as she calls them, and hair accessories. Bubee of course was thrilled to see food treats. Little Lady will get at least 2 years use out of the cute Santa slippers, and I'm THRILLED to get to add to my key chain collection! Thanks Amanda for 12 days of Christmas fun!!

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