Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fall 2013 Wrap-up

This past fall has been amazing, but it's time to change the salt and pepper shakers (And my blog colors). We have gotten so much done from our list. No, it's not 100% complete, but that's okay. Now I have a head start on next year's list. Here's how this year went:

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Go on a picnic - Had a wonderful time at Stone Mt. GA!
Have a bonfire and s’mores  - Rosey Posey had a s'mores party with her youth group and we had some family roasts too.
Go to a petting zoo - Got to enjoy the farm while apple picking.
Go to the pumpkin patch - Went to our favorite patch again.
Pick apples - Probably my favorite trip all fall.
Enjoy a hayride - More fun at Bubee's school
Decorate for the season - Have so many new decorations it was fun!
Carve or paint pumpkins - We got pumpkins, but this year just enjoyed the natural beauty. (Less messy)
Try a new pumpkin recipe - Rosey Posey's pumpkin dip recipe got over 1,000 pins on Pintrest this season!
Knit something cozy - Started, but it just didn't work out. May finish re-start one as a Christmas gift.
Start some Christmas crafts - Making cross-stitched ornaments.
Attend a football game - Rosey Posey and Bubee's first game ever!!
Drink apple cider - Yumm!
Go to a corn maze - Just didn't make it this year...
Jump in a leaf pile - Did this. Will have to post soon.
Party at the state fair - Rosey Posey had a great birthday!
Enter chili cook-off - And WON!!!
Go to GA Veteran’s Day parade - Little Lady was amazed by the marching bands.
Host a game night - This will go on the Winter bucket list!
Plant bulbs for next spring - Not sure where to put them. :/
Take a family walk at dusk - PRETTY!!!
Can some farmer’s market goodies - Home-made applesauce! YUM!
Take fall pictures at square - :( Bummer
Try a new flavor of tea - Love my mint!
Go to a new fall festival  Didn't find one that fit our schedule.
Make dryer duct pumpkins - Turned out amazing!
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