Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Lights and Sweaters... oh my!

Can you believe Christmas is next week. I feel like it should still be a month away. This past week we got a good chunk taken out of our holiday list and even got a few things done I didn't even think to add to the list. Last Thursday Meme and I decided to take Bubee out for a Christmas Lights tour; We stopped by Starbucks to load up on Hot Chocolate: I tried mine with some caramel in it. It was okay, but I think I like Bubee's double chocolate! Fortunately, there is a neighborhood near us that seams to go all out so we got to enjoy an easy tour. Here's some of our faves (Sorry for the picture quality, my camera doesn't like to take pictures in the dark):

Meme loved the little dachshund that is in the bottom left picture. And I just LOVE this cute nativity cutout.

Rudolf and the Abominable Snowman were at two different houses, but both looked amazing!

Bubee enjoyed drinking hot chocolate, listening to Christmas music, and looking at the lights. Ironically, his favorite light display was this simple colored lights around a garage.

And this is how NOT to decorate with Christmas lights. Please run an extension cord to the lights instead of draping the lights into an upstairs window. LOL

It was a wonderful holiday evening.

Our other adventure this weekend was the ugly sweater contest with my husband's work party. We had searched high and low to find him an ugly Christmas sweater to no avail. Finally I decided to make it. So after an hour of sweeping the Wal-mart shelves for the most tacky of decorations, I pluged up my hot glue gun, pushed up my sleaves and created this (I think all the bows pushed it over the edge):

And guess what....


This past weekend has been wonderful. What have you done this week to celebrate the season?
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