Friday, December 6, 2013

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Every Christmas my family and I like to add a new set of homemade ornaments. This year we are going with some felt ones of my own design. Rosey Posey can sew so nicely and enjoyed this project. We had some wonderful girl time working on these together.

Felt: Red, Green, Brown, White
Thread: Red, Green, Brown, White
Embroidery needle


Download Here

1.Using the chalk, trace the patterns onto the correct color felt.

2.Cut out the correct number of each.
(2 of each ornament and 1 of each adornment) 

3. Sew the top of the stocking and top of the ornament to ONE layer.

4. Add any details you like to ONE layer of each ornament. We put a face and buttons on the Gingerbread Man, a pattern on the Ornament, and ‘garland’ on the tree. After making these I thought it might be neat to put the year on the stocking. 

5. Sew the backs on by doing a simple stitch. Add a loop of thread at the top to hang them on the tree. If you want to make coasters then leave the loop off. These are supposed to be whimsical and child-like, so don’t sweat the details too much. 

This entire project cost me less than $3 and took about an hour. Bubee was able to sew the stocking together after I cut the pieces out for him. This can be a fun family project or a nice gift for neighbors and teachers.

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