Friday, January 31, 2014

4 Seasons of Saving at Home

Each season calls for different saving strategies. Time passes by so quickly, and it’s easy to start on the necessary measures you have to take before one season starts. To save money and avoid wasting most of your resources, below are tips for each corresponding season:

This is the best time to do your pre-winter tasks. Seal your AC units, clean the chimney, and install foam gaskets on electrical sockets. It also helps to install new or compact fluorescent lamps. This is the time to make sure that everything in your house is ready before winter starts.

To avoid freezing to death and abusing your heater’s energy, make sure your house is completely sealed from the inside. If your house has leaks, it’ll be easier for the cold air to penetrate your home and the heat to seep out. You will then turn the heater higher for warmth, thus adding more to your electricity bill costs.

This is also the time to consider getting a new or programmable thermostat. Outdated thermostat meters might consume more electricity than new ones in the market. Before the season starts, it’s best to get a maintenance check for the air ducts in your house. If the ducts are unclean or clogged, you wouldn’t be able to get most of the heat you need.

Install water flow-restrictors on faucets and showers. This will serve as a safety measure and prevent the overuse of hot water.

Spring & Summer 
It’s the time to make use of the natural breeze outside. Use air conditioners sparingly. At night, open the windows when you’re at home, and close them during the day. This season is the best for air-drying everything as well—from dishes, clothes, and your hair.

It’s also time to do your spring cleaning. Just like in winter season, it helps to do maintenance check, especially for your AC unit. Remember that clean filters will give you cooler air. It’s also time to set your water heater’s thermostat down because of the humid or warm climate.

If you’re aching for cold temperature, don’t use your air conditioner at home and instead go to the mall to chill (just hang out, no spending!). You can also take advantage of beach and park outings and picnics. The sunny weather is meant for days where you get out with friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Whether you’re living in an old house, or just acquired one through a housing loan, better make sure you get the most comfort you can while saving money throughout the year.


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