Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Plaque

I needed something winter, but not Christmas to put on my wall. If you remember I said Snow-Tex was one of my new favorite craft items. So I came up with this cute plaque. You can use these directions to make several things: you can change the colors or the word, make it your own!

Blank wooden plaque
Spray paint in your choice of colors (Blue is my fav!)
Letters to spell out your word (I choose the word "Snow" and fortunately found some that were already white)
Hot Glue and Gun
Optional: Glitter spray paint

1. Spray the plaque in your chosen color. Add glitter top coat if you choose. Let dry.

2. "Glitterfy" and/or paint letters. Let dry

3. Once everything is dry: Glue letters to plaque using hot glue gun or wood glue.

4. Apply the Snow-Tex to the tops of the letters: anywhere snow would 'stick'.

5. Using a pencil, lightly draw snowflakes to accent the plaque.

6. Apply Snow-Tex to cover the snowflake.

7. Allow to dry 24 hours then hang!

There are so many options for this. You could make one that says "Winter" using smaller letters. Or even just a "Welcome" sign for the entry way. The possibilities are endless!

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