Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Four "B"s: A Rule for Interruption.

"Children should be seen and not heard". Some days I wonder if it would have been easier to be a parent in Victorian era. But then again, I love the footloose and fancy free times we have at home sometimes. So as with every area of my life I am looking for that balance. Enter my mother-in-law!

I do not have the crazy 'mother-in-law' that some people have. My MIL is a wise and kind woman who has raised 6 kids. She is kind and gentle and always asks before giving advice. After raising my husband and his 5 siblings she is a well of wisdom and knowledge that she is happy to share with anyone who asks. (Reminds me of Proverbs)

She has given my kids and me one of the greatest gifts for striking a balance as to when children SHOULD be heard: The Four Bs. When two people are talking, whether is be adults or kids, the Four Bs are a set of exceptions as to when a conversation can be polity interrupted:

Bleeding, Broken, Barfing, Burning!

These are so simple that even at 2 and 3 years old my kids could figure it out. If you needed to ask a question or communicate with someone it has to be about one of these 4 things or you wait until the conversation is over to say "Excuse me".

There has been so many times that Bubee will interrupt my conversations, "Mom, Mom, Mom..." You know, that familiar tug on your shirt. You can tell it's something like "She touched me!" or "When's dinner?". Now all I have to do is look at him and say "Bleeding, Broken, Barfing, Burning?" Most of the time he says no, so I tell him to wait. I love how this easily teaches my kids respect, consideration, and patients.

What are some household rules you have about interrupting?  Or do you have any rules that are a little silly sounding like our 4 Bs?
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