Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Luminaries: A Simple, Easy and Elegant Centerpiece

I may have found one of my new favorite craft supplies. I have never used Snow-Tex before, but tried for the first time and made these amazingly easy and cute luminaries for our dinner table center piece. I wish the pictures would capture the true beauty of these better, but you're going to have to take my word they are gorgeous, I would even dare say they would make a very nice and inexpensive wedding centerpiece.

Time: 5 min
Cost: Less than $10
Glittering Snow-Tex
Jar (You can use a jelly jar, mason jar, or any glass container you like.)
LED Tea light (You can NOT use a real tea light as the jar would not let it burn)
Popsicle stick or other application tool

1. Smear the Snow-tex all over the jar to "frost" the jar
2. Go back and add clumps of Snow-tex and dab it on to achieve the desired amount of texture.

3. Let dry 24 hours. 
4. Add a LED tea light.

You can do all sorts of shape and sizes with this. To make and even more elaborate center piece, just add some glittery snow backdrop.

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