Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter 2014 Update

We've been working little by little on our winter bucket list. The weather here in the south has been less than desirable. WAY cold (Below freezing on a regular bases), but no snow (At least give us enough to make this cold worth it)!  This morning they were forecasting snow all day tomorrow, now it looks like the counties SOUTH of us are going to get all the snow... how crazy is that?!? I am praying for at least enough snow to allow my kids to play a bit in it.

For now... Rosey Posey and I had a wonderful bake day and enjoyed making cookies among other things.

The kids decided to make a tent inside and they all had a blast. Even Little Lady enjoyed running in and out and playing peek-a-boo. Course it is impossible to get 3 kids of various ages to sit still long enough for a picture!!! Anyone know how to Photoshop well?

There's two out of three
Three faces, too much blur!
I'm loosing them!
There they go...
And... I failed!!! 
Oh well, they had fun, that's all that matters.

With the cold weather around here some of the birds that migrate south seem to be rethinking how far they should have gone to find warm weather. So we've put out several bird feeders and seeds. So far I have seen finch, woodpeckers, thrashers, bluebirds, cardinals, and more!

Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll be tweeting pictures of the beautiful snow and posting pictures on Instagram of all the fun the kids are having! *Fingers Crossed*
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