Friday, March 7, 2014

Guest and Giveaway: Four Seasons Mini-Learning Pack Free Printable

The following is a guest post from Kim at Life Over Cs

Spring is my absolute favorite season. I love as the cold melts away into something beautiful and new.

We live in the capitol city of the Republic of Georgia which lies in a valley between the two Caucasus Mountain ranges. The name of our city is Tbilisi, which in Georgian means "warm."

I'm so very thankful to be in a warm city in the winter. The buildings here are solid concrete with no insulation. All the window and doors are drafty. Knowing that the temperature rarely goes below the freezing point is fantastic news for me. This year we had exactly two snow days. About an inch both days. Nothing like what the U.S. has experienced this year.

Even so, I'm glad that the seasons are turning and once again the trees will begin to blossom. The cold will drift away and the beautiful warmth of our city will return. Fresh produce will become available again after months of eating carrots, cabbage and potatoes. (Borsht anyone?)

I decided that it is also the perfect time to teach my kindergartener about the four seasons. She has a basic understanding, but she often gets confused about when they are, how long they last. In fact, she has NO concept of time. A day is as a thousand years well, it's the other way around for her. *grin*

Because we live overseas, we cannot simply order our school curricula off the internet and have it delivered in 2-3 days. I have to plan our school year months in advance to allow time for the materials to arrive. And when I discover a short way into the school year that my kindergartener does not have the same learning style as her older sisters well, let's just say that the curricula that I bought for her, has sat unused on the shelf since September.

So, I had to get creative. I've made a lot of games and used a ton of ideas from Pinterest. It turns out that she loves those things! She loves to play games and she loves to create. She hates glue with a passion, but she loves drawing and playing with play dough. We use a lot of play dough.

Consequently, when I started thinking about teaching her about the four seasons, play dough needed to be involved.

Play dough mats for the four seasonsShe also needed some help learning what clothing is appropriate for the season. She loves her boots and would wear them until June if I would let her. Conversely, she would wear her flip flops all year round if I didn't hide them at the end of the season!

I created some play dough mats that I have included in a free mini-learning pack for the four seasons, along with a matching game and a mini-book. These play dough mats are designed to help kids understand appropriate clothing for the different seasons. They can create play dough clothes for the different children throughout the four seasons.

Click here to download the Four Seasons mini-pack.

What really makes these fun is using seasonal play dough!

Changing up the colors, textures, and scents brings the imagination to life. Smelling pumpkin pie while getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick's DayƉ.big win!

Use your favorite play dough recipe, but try some of these mix-ins and combinations:

Spring: Violet, pastel pink, light green with lavender. For fun you can even mix in some lavender flowers.

Summer: Bright yellow, blue, green with lemon, lime. For texture use a sand dough to let your imagination run to the beach on a rainy March day.

Fall: Deep orange, red, or brown with pumpkin pie spice.

Winter: White, red, or green with peppermint extract. Add some glitter to put a little extra pizazz in the dough.

What other combinations can you think of? I'd love to hear your ideas! Please leave a comment with your thoughts!

In celebration of the changing of the seasons, I'm pleased to say Kim is giving away a full Four Seasons Mega-Learning Pack to 3 winners! Contest ends next Thursday.

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